Thursday, July 18, 2013


How arrogant am I?

To think, to perceive that I have made any impact on your life, that my personal imput has somehow altered the way you want to live your life?

Upon reflection on my past relationships and where they are in their lives, I have arrogantly, and in an effort to regain some self-respect implied to myself, that I had an impact on their lives, that if it were not for me and my strange views of the world and life. That this mere mortal would not have come to the realisation that they are in fact in love with someone else, or that they should take that trip, that leap of faith or just learn to love themselves a little more.

My arrogance has consumed me, I peel away the layers of supposed impacts, and I am left with nothing but a scared yet stubborn little girl that would rather freeze than ask for a blanket.

Should I learn to receive as well?